Monday, April 26, 2010

The revolution of thick eyelashes has come to NZ!


As women, we all want thick, lush, gorgeous lashes.. No we can have it without mascara or makeup.


A few years ago Dr. Michael Brinkenhoff developed Revitalash with a team of chemists as a gift to his wife who had lost her beautiful lashes to chemo. Months later it was on the market retailing at around $150USD. Revitalash is a serum applied to the lash line once a day and will have you seeing results in 3-6 weeks! It's like miraclegrow for you eyelashes..

Since Revitalash hit the market, everyone scrambled to replicate the hair re-growth serum.. Here are some of the competitors you can find in New Zealand (except Revitalash.)


Price range: $80-300NZD

**Check out trademe for deals on the more inexpensive versions rather than getting a prescription from a doctor for Latisse ($300NZD)**

Sunday, April 18, 2010

TOPSHOP in Auckland NZ APRIL 2010

The favored british high street store TopShop is coming to New Zealand. Topshop apparel will be available in The Dept. Store which holds a collection of top designers.

fyi: Topshop provides budget worthy options for designer inspired trends. Kate Moss also has recently designed her own line for the london-based store.

Kate Moss; fashion icon on the cover of March 2010 Bazaar


This is their lastest and greatest in TOPSHOP SNO apparel.. for all of us in NZ who are preparing for winter and snowboarding..