Friday, November 12, 2010

Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation- 10 years of research!

Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation @

The long awaited Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation is finally available in New Zealand. I got my skin matched to "010" one of eight skin tones at Smith & Caughey's on Queen Street. It is the palest shade which I was a bit sketchy about going into summer, but it does suit at the moment. I find the texture of the foundation is very similar to Almay Pure Blends 97.4% natural foundation. It is very light and gives a hydrating finish. I found only 1-2 pumps is sufficient for the whole face. As it comes at a hefty $82 you would hope it would last for a few months. It's easy to blend and feels like your skin is naked not caked with make-up. The coverage is easy to build up to medium or more.

As for the luminous glow.. It puts most other foundations to shame and easily looks fresh all day. It is meant to reflect more blue and pink light on the skin to give it a natural glow. With 10 years of research and 7 international patents pending.. Lancome is onto something.

I'm a fan of Lancome's Genifique line as well. I used the Genifique Youth Activating Serum for a few months up until my wedding day and it really helped smooth and brighten my skin. I snatched some 7 day trials of the 4 products in the line. At my age I don't really need to worry about an eye cream or night cream but wouldn't mind getting the full size of the serum.

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Monday, November 8, 2010

m o o c h i summer dress week 2010

Moochi Dress Week 2010 @
M o o c h i Summer Dress Week 2010 started at 9am Saturday November 6th! It was bubbles and strawberries and an assortment of sizes in the new garments. Well.. 10 minutes later I was struggling to find dresses in size 6! Here's my pick. I loved the fresh prints this season.

Moochi Dress Week 2010 @

The sheer dresses were paired with exclusive Elle MacPherson knickers.

$229 Shoulder Show Dress | Maxi Goddess Dress $369

$289 Loft Dress | Of Course Dress $349

Friday, November 5, 2010

Summer & the Sun

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It feels like Suuummer! Well most of the last two weeks did.. So it is time to invest in some super sunscreen to combat harsh NZ UV rays. Being a bit of a skincare freak, I went with Invisible Zinc. Recently launched from Australia it made waves over to NZ where I picked it up at my local health shop for around $30. There are no chemicals or sunscreen agents.. just molecular zinc. Verdict? It definitely feels like sunscreen and you can still see a slight white mask on my pale skin. I'm wishing we had some Colorscience powder sunscreen that is available in the USA.

The other day I had a haircut for the first time at D&M in Ponsonby.
I had been itching to try out the salon since I spotted it earlier this year.


I booked in with Senior stylist Shannon for a simple hair trim. She has been with the salon from it's beginnings when there was only 3 stylists. (Danny, Michael & her?) It is now expanded into quite a large studio space with over 10 stylists. Danny & Michael were both present in the salon. Danny was doing Kathryn Wilson's hair in soft waves. She is gorgeous. Outside the salon windows were decorated with oversized pictures from her fashion shoe show in September. Shannon was a doll and created some of the best waves I have seen on this head. Definately recommend and will be seeing her again. I picked up some Moroccan Oil to nourish my dry ends. It gives spectacular shine and smoothness to my hair and cuts blowdrying time down to nil. Retails at $36.

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